Techtalk by Ciente with Natalia Marusic from Lenovo : EP-25

In today’s marketing landscape, data is paramount. Yet, a concerning trend shows that only half of marketing decisions are data-backed. To improve ROI and bottom-line impact, marketers must prioritize unifying data sources. 

In modern marketing, aesthetics take a back seat to direct revenue impact, and success hinges on simplifying the sales process and maximizing efficiency.

Discover how marketers can achieve more with less in times of dwindling budgets with Natalia Marusic (Marketing Manager, Lenovo) and Suruchi Bhargava (CMO, Ciente) in this insightful episode.

Natalia Marusic

Natalia Marusic
Marketing Manager EMEA at Lenovo

Natalia extensive experience and track record at industry-leading companies such as VMware, IBM, Bitdefender, Veeam and Lenovo underscore her expertise in cultivating net new business pipelines across EMEA. Her adeptness in maneuvering through both direct and channel sales avenues, including engagements with GSIs (Global System Integrators), demonstrates her strategic insight and adaptability in varied business landscapes. Her achievements in fostering business expansion highlight her profound comprehension of market dynamics, customer requirements, and impactful sales methodologies. 

Natalia firmly believes that trust, collaboration, and unwavering dedication are fundamental attributes of success.


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