Techtalk by Ciente with Naomi Liu from EFI : EP-30

There are general frameworks marketing & data leaders can adopt, but we must get into the nitty-gritty of it and create room for flexibility. 

In this podcast, Naomi Liu (Director of Global Marketing Operations, EFI) and Suruchi Bhargava (CMO, Ciente) lay out the foundation for effective and agile marketing ops, including best practices, analytics, and cross-team collaboration.

Learn how to structure your marketing team perfectly because we all could use some certainty in an uncertain world.


Naomi Liu
Director of Global Marketing Operations at EFI

Naomi Liu is the Director of Global Marketing Operations at EFI, a world leader in the digital printing space. A persistent and curious data driven marketer with over 15+ years of experience leading high-performing/high-output teams to generate revenue and demand in the global B2B space. She is known for being a blend of both a high-level creative thinker with an extremely strong technical aptitude for numbers, data, analytics and the ability to understand complex technology stacks. This left-brain/right-brain combination has allowed her to successfully translate business needs to IT requirements and vice versa in high-growth companies to scale their systems to meet changing business needs. 

She is also a founding admin of The MOPros (Marketing Ops Professionals), a community led platform with over 5,500 members and is the co-host of Ops Cast, a weekly marketing operations podcast. Additionally, she sits on the board of directors for TREKK, a pediatric emergency network based out of Winnipeg, Manitoba.


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