Techtalk by Ciente with Mike Nasreddin from Creatio: EP-24

It’s critical to meet the new digital standard- hyper-personalization. And this is why about 97% of business leaders say CX management is integral to their strategy.

Marketers must understand how to make data work for them and strike the right balance between tech and human touch.

Join industry experts Mike Nasreddin (Regional Channel Director MEA at Creatio) and Suruchi Bhargava (CMO at Ciente) in this podcast as they discuss the elephant in the room- misguided projections, hazardous assumptions, and how digital touchpoints serve or sever customer relationships. 

Enjoy listening!

Mike Nasreddin

Mike Nasreddin
Regional Channel Director MEA at Creatio

Mike Nasreddin has a wealth of experience in IT sales spanning more than 15 years across diverse markets and industries. His expertise lies in areas such as digital transformation, marketing, and sales. Mike is a subject matter expert in understanding of how technology can drive business growth and innovation. He is well-versed in identifying market trends, developing effective sales strategies, and fostering partnerships to drive success in the IT sector.


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