Techtalk by Ciente with Ghandi Nader from AWS : EP-23

The MarTech landscape grew to over 13k solutions last year. But with decreased utilization and the need to make the most of the budget, it all boils down to quicker innovation.

In this podcast, Ghandi Nader (Sr Partner Solutions Architect Adtech/Martech, AWS) and Suruchi Bhargava(CMO, Ciente) cover the modern tech stack, shared goals, the latest ad tech developments, first-party data for consent-based advertising, CDPs, and martech management best practices you shouldn’t miss. 

It’s time marketers/advertisers create a more privacy-centric framework that respects customer data. Enjoy listening! 

About the Guest:

Ghandi Nader

Ghandi Nader
Sr Partner Solutions Architect Adtech/Martech, AWS

Ghandi Nader is a subject matter expert in Advertising Technology (AdTech) and Marketing Technology (MarTech). With over a decade of experience, Ghandi has helped companies leverage data-driven insights and advanced technologies to achieve revenue growth and improved customer engagement. Skilled in data platforms, marketing attribution modeling, cross-channel marketing automation, and more, Ghandi delivers innovative strategies and exceptional  technology consultancy.


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