Techtalk by Ciente with Sanjay Gopinath from MathWorks : EP-9

Marketing leaders are constantly juggling conflicting agendas and priorities, all while trying to hit targets and boost revenue.

In this new episode of TechTalk, Sanjay Gopinath (Head – Marketing & Communications at Mathworks, and Ciente’s CMO Suruchi Bhargava discuss the current tech trends, the role of AI in revenue forecasts, prevailing demand gen pitfalls, and ultimately, the best ways to connect with your audience.

Sanjay Gopinath Pic 2020 1

Sanjay Gopinath
Head – Marketing & Communications , MathWorks

Sanjay Gopinath heads Marketing & Communications and Accelerator – Startup Program for MathWorks India. In this role, he drives awareness and demand for MathWorks products amongst its commercial, startup and education customers. He has worked with companies at different stages of growth – startups to mature MNCs for over two decades.

Sanjay contributes extensively to the community through engagements at conferences, writing and mentoring. He is continuously mentoring young professionals, startups, and students to help them build long term leadership success and scale. 


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