Techtalk by Ciente with Elisha Gada from Meta : EP-10

The customer has a unified view of your brand. Then why doesn’t your brand have a unified view of the customer?

With marketing goals and expectations shifting and quality experiences being table stakes in the modern B2B environment, in this conversation with Elisha Gada (Global SMB Marketing Manager, Meta) we dive down into what B2B customers really care about.

It isn’t an option to get to know your customer; it’s a strategic necessity in today’s high-paced field. High-performing marketing is all about understanding what the customers want and what shapes their decisions.

Enjoy the episode!

About the Guest:

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Elisha Gada
Global SMB Marketing Manager, Meta

Elisha Gada is an accomplished Marketing Manager recognized for her results-driven approach and the demonstrated ability to boost demand and revenue growth. Her professional background includes tenure at Meta Platforms Inc and Dell Technologies, where she has honed her skills in cross-functional collaboration and the effective execution of marketing strategies. Elisha’s expertise has consistently delivered high-impact campaigns, generating millions of dollars in lead revenue. Rooted in her advertising background, she brings a fresh and innovative perspective to assist brands in engaging with their customers in distinctive and compelling ways.


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