Techtalk by Ciente with Maryel Roman-Price from Adobe : EP-8

Marketing leaders are hard-pressed to do more with less. Though it’s easier said than done, North Star metrics can help drive ROI, deliver results, and build the capabilities to thrive, even during turbulent shifts. In this podcast with Maryel Roman Price, the head of Digital Demand at Adobe, we discuss critical data points and insights into the evolving B2B universe and how to supercharge marketing at a time when budgets flatline.

About the Guest:

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Maryel Roman-Price
Head of Digital Demand, DX, APAC Adobe

Maryel Roman-Price is an entrepreneur-turned-marketer passionate about marketing, storytelling, and delivering great experiences. 

As the APAC Head of Digital Demand for Adobe, she is responsible for implementing end to end digital strategies to help drive new business pipeline and revenue for Adobe in the region.

Outside of Adobe, she has a YouTube channel, Maryel and Wade, where she talks about travel, food, and Life in Australia with her husband, Wade.


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