Techtalk by Ciente with Sean Mullaney from Algolia : EP-7

Over the last two years, there’s been a quantum leap in terms of us communicating with computers, and tech leaders now wear many cross-functional hats.

In this new episode of TechTalk, Sean Mullaney (CTO, Algolia) and Ciente’s CMO Suruchi Bhargava discuss how the tech industry is changing and the trends shaping it, what it means to be a tech leader in today’s disruptive landscape, and what makes AI different from the previous waves. 

With new technologies emerging every five to ten years, riding the new tech waves isn’t the easy feat it’s quite made out to be. 

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About the Guest:

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Sean Mullaney
Chief Technology Officer , Algolia

Sean Mullaney is the Chief Technology Officer at Algolia, an end-to-end, AI-powered search and discovery platform. Most recently, he led the company’s launch of AlgoliaNeuralSearch – the world’s fastest, hyper-scalable, and cost effective vector and keyword search API.

Sean Mullaney joins Algolia from Stripe, where he most recently acted as the Chief Information Officer in Europe and led a global engineering organization overseeing the development and operations of 40+ local payment methods across Europe, Asia, and the Americas that processed hundreds of billions of dollars. 

Prior to his time at Stripe, Mullaney oversaw the development of AI powered discovery experiences, including search, recommendations, personalization and browse as the VP of Engineering at Zalando, the largest eCommerce fashion retailer in Europe with nearly 50M active customers.  Mullaney also spent more than seven years at Google heading various innovation teams, including three years at the Google research labs in Silicon Valley.   


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