Techtalk by Ciente with Kimberly Haught from CSG : EP-6

The talent space is changing very quickly lately. In this episode, Ciente discusses with  Kimberly Haught (Director of Global Talent Acquisition & Attraction, CSG) the trends shaping the world of work, data-driven recruitment, internal mobility, career trajectories, and why we can’t forget the human element of it all! 

About the Guest:


Kimberly Haught
Director of Global Talent Acquisition & Attraction, CSG

Kimberly Haught is a Global Talent Acquisition leader who has amassed a significant following across multiple social media platforms. Her hashtag media campaign #BetterCallKim pops up everywhere and her videos, articles and posts are known and followed religiously by job seekers, recruiters and business leaders alike.  By combining social recruiting, networking and traditional headhunting her branding and connection with her target audience drives her business results forward. 


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