Techtalk by Ciente with Akshita Kanumury from Freshworks : EP-4

In this episode, Akshita Kanumury (Manager, Product Marketing @Freshworks) illustrates the fresh vantage points to look at product marketing, the 5 step approach to translate a product’s value internally and with the whole internal universe, the strategic approach to streamlining the collaboration between product marketing and product management, and more.

About the Guest:

Akshita Kanumury 1

Akshita Kanumury
Manager, Product Marketing @Freshworks

Akshita is a seasoned marketer and is part of Business World’s 30 under 30 marketers (2022). Her experience spans across multiple marketing functions like product marketing, marketing strategy, digital marketing and branding. Akshita has worked with organisations of different scale and is currently leading product marketing globally for Freshworks Analytics. She also actively mentors startups and professionals, on ADPList and Growth School, across different areas of marketing and business strategy.


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