Techtalk by Ciente with Jakub Rudik from Active Campaign : EP-3

Strategic content can help marketers crack the code- from carving out a new space and creating a new category to influencing how people buy software. 

In this podcast, Ciente discusses with Jakub Rudnik (Director of Content Marketing, ActiveCampaign) positioning a brand in a crowded marketplace, creating content for exposure and revenue growth, and connecting with customers on a deeper and more meaningful spectrum.

Tune in now!

About the Guest:


Jakub Rudnik
Director of Content Marketing, @ActiveCampaign

Jakub Rudnik wears many hats: storyteller, educator, leader, creative.

He’s a marketing leader, adjunct professor, and sports journalist — depending on the day.

His experience includes:

TOFU content | MOFU content | organic content strategy | original research | digital PR | linkbuilding | community building | on-page SEO | review generation | review-site SEO | user-generated content | PLG SEO | user acquisition | user growth via organic channels | newsletter building | website building | storytelling | social strategy | marketing leadership | much more.


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