Techtalk by Ciente with Maissa Moussa from Hexagon : Ep-17

There are growth pressures on modern marketing leaders. As champions of change, we must keep pace with the megatrends changing the tech space. We also need a reliable, consistent flow of leads to tie marketing’s impact to revenue. 

But this is easier said than done when we constantly juggle responsibilities that only keep piling up. Aren’t you spread too thin?

In this podcast episode, Maissa Moussa (Principal Campaign Manager- Global Campaigns and Demand Generation, Hexagon) and Ciente’s CMO Suruchi Bhargava delve into b2b challenges that keep most demand gen leaders up at night. 

Listen to their chat now!

About the Guest:

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Maissa Moussa 
Principal Campaign Manager- Global Campaigns and Demand Generation, Hexagon

As a seasoned senior manager specializing in global demand generation campaigns, I bring a wealth of experience in steering the implementation of multi-platform marketing/advertising projects valued at approximately $5 million for industry-leading brands in Bahrain and the Middle East. Recognized for creating go-to-market roadmaps, administering marketing budgets, and developing influential brand messaging, I have consistently elevated brand awareness, cultivated high-quality leads, and catalyzed sales growth. My strategic approach to marketing planning and execution, coupled with a data-driven mindset, has resulted in the successful launch and promotion of organizational offerings. With a history of leading cross-functional teams, training, coaching, and influencing strategic marketing plans at board and C-Suite levels, I have generated significant revenue, spearheaded digital transformations, and pioneered impactful campaigns. In my current role as the Principal Campaign Manager for Global Campaigns and Demand Generation at Hexagon Asset Lifecycle Intelligence in the United States, where I’ve been since March 2023, I continue to lead strategic initiatives, cross-functional teams, and data-driven enhancements to drive global brand awareness, high-quality lead generation, and sales growth.


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