If more companies know your business and offerings, you can land more deals. How can syndicating content amplify your brand?

Content syndication is a powerful tool for enhancing brand presence. 30% of B2B experts find it to be the most effective lead-generation catalyst. This growth marketing strategy takes your business to a diverse web of audiences across multiple platforms, promoting better engagement. It does so by re-publishing your exclusive content on a third-party platform.

The key to a successful syndication is to select channels for connecting with an audience interested in your business.  Content syndication platforms comprise networks of partner websites or distribution widgets on popular sites. The site you choose for republication must be relevant to your brand and the content.

Let’s dive into how content publication can work in your favor.

Key Benefits

Content created will give you limited results unless it is out on various authentic platforms as your target audience. Content syndication for lead generation positions your brand as an expert and trustworthy source of information. It adds credibility to your offerings and elevates the buyer’s journey. The more channels you publish the content, the more chances of garnering ICPs through inbound leads.  Here are the key advantages:

Brand Visibility

When you are open to re-publishing your gated content on other websites, you make it available to a larger audience. If more people are drawn to your site, it increases the chances of more prospects being interested in your offerings. Thus, syndicating existing content can drive more traffic to your website. You can add backlinks on reliable platforms frequented by your ICP, positively impacting your website’s search engine ranking. 

Resource conservation

Developing content from scratch requires sufficient time, effort, and resources. Plus, you may not get the engagement rate you are looking for. Syndication re-purposes existing content, saving your time and resources. What’s more? You experience better audience engagement.


To syndicate content, you need to partner with other publishers or platforms. Such cross-promotion can spread awareness of your brand amidst new audiences. As a result, you may observe a rise in followers, subscribers, or paying accounts. 

Reinforces brand message

This marketing strategy works best when you choose relevant and value-oriented content for lead generation. Syndication can then reinforce the message and benefits conveyed by your brand. to solidify the brand image among prospects, you must maintain consistency across diverse channels.

Presenting content in different formats

Your target clientele may prefer certain formats but what if you produce a single type of content? Utilize syndication for adapting to various forms like video, audio, or articles. When you re-purpose materials and present them in multiple formats, you can attract customers with varied preferences. 

When you use B2B syndication to your advantage, you can create a lasting impact because it makes data accessible on various platforms. This content-specific framework can draw new customers with intent, improve engagement, and generate new leads long after the original content gets published.

Types of content for syndication

Apart from articles, B2B businesses can utilize different types of content assets for syndication:


You can draw customers’ interest by educating them about your offerings through E-books, and explaining how they will be benefitted. Add valuable information in E-books that would encourage brand awareness. To utilize such content for lead generation, you can promote via social media, email marketing, and other online platforms. You can also offer free downloads on the brand website. 


Create effective research-based whitepapers that offer expert insights on a particular topic. Organizations can use these to address a specific problem. Content syndication of whitepapers for lead generation can develop relationships with experts and influencers. 

Infographics & Videos

Syndication of infographics can allow a large audience to view the content, promoting lead conversion. These are visual representations of value-based data that the audience can easily interpret. Syndicating such content can showcase it on multiple websites and social media platforms. 


These are a popular form of content that remains effective in driving leads. B2B content syndication allows podcasters to share content with other podcasts and websites, thus increasing listenership. You can use RSS feeds, podcast plugins, and podcast plugin platforms to achieve this. With content syndication for lead generation, podcasters can improve their social media presence and expand their web reach. 

Step-by-step guide

When you decide to re-publish high-quality content, you permit other websites to publish articles on their site. In exchange, the partner website agrees to link the content to your website, which can increase visibility in search engines. While syndicating content in B2B, remember to use SEO keywords. 

Define Goals

Content syndication is a great way to increase leads acquired, but it works better if you define your business goals. It begins with identifying the type of leads you want to draw, followed by checking how many leads you are looking at. Then, plan and strategize the data that will fit best to achieve your goals. 

Determine your ideal customer profile (ICP)

It is important to syndicate content as per the audience, which requires researching your ideal customer profile. When you work on understanding your ICP, you can select the right type of write-up that would appeal to them.

This checklist will help you filter the target audience:

  • What industry do they belong to?
  • What is their company size?
  • What’s their designation?
  • Are they located nationally or internationally?
  • What are their pain points?

Once you have identified your ICP, build a list comprising accounts you want to reach for lead generation. It helps syndicate content on relevant platforms frequented by your target audience so you can get on board the potential leads. 

Choose a syndication partner

Since not all websites are designed the same, your brand may perform better on some sites than others. Before syndicating content, research the partners that would best suit your brand. Partner/s for content syndication must be selected based on the business and type of target audience. Verify if these sites align with your objectives and client niche. Lastly, determine whether you must adhere to any specific guidelines.

Include a CTA 

Content assets can be promoted by adding a clear and concise call-to-action. It increases the likelihood of generating more leads through syndicated content. We recommend including contact information and a link to your website or landing page so that interested prospects can connect with you.

Launch lead nurturing

Succeeding with this marketing strategy requires setting up a nurture series for lead generation. You must utilize this approach for the targeted content and distribute it through selective syndication channels. The efficacy of lead nurturing can be improved by customizing content based on the audience’s pain points. It’s a good idea to include demographics like designation or industrial sector. This will help segment your audience and create tailored content. 

Generate leads during each stage of the sales funnel

For applying B2B content syndication to generate leads, deliver a relevant message at each stage of the buyer’s journey. It is beneficial to track the response each write-up receives. You can accomplish this with Google Analytics.

Quick Tips 

Syndicating content can work to your advantage only when it reaches the right audience. These pointers will accelerate the program performance for lead generation-

  • Verify that the chosen content is top-notch and relevant to your target audience. 
  • Remember to include a call-to-action (CTA) that drives customers to your site. For example, a CTA to download an E-book. 
  • Track the performance of re-published content. 

Summing up

Content syndication for lead generation allows you to build brand credibility, reach a broad audience, and foster relationships with potential customers. If you select the right content and syndication partner, it can take your brand to a diverse pool of audiences. When you are on this journey to enhance brand loyalty— regularly update the content, evaluate your objectives, and ensure alignment with the target accounts.


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