Techtalk by Ciente with Vedanarayanan Vedantham from Microsoft : Ep-19

AI has made inroads into all customer-facing functions and has carved out a place for itself in the marketer’s toolkit, a special one at that. 

Since this was decades in the making, AI is nothing close to a fad; it’s a radical concept for the economic value it generates.

In this episode,  Vedanarayanan Vedantham (Marketing leader, Microsoft) and Suruchi Bhargava (CMO, Ciente) drill down into the specific use cases of AI-powered marketing.

Tune in!

About the Guest:

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Vedanarayanan Vedantham
Marketing leader, Microsoft

Veda has helped build and grow multiple digital products & brands across Fintech, health tech, Ed-Tech, and online travel. He has a versatile mix of global experiences spanning Digital Marketing, Brand Consulting, Product Management & Business Development. He consults early-stage startups directly or through incubators on branding and digital marketing, helping them evaluate product-market fitment. He is also a visiting faculty member at various top business schools.


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