Techtalk by Ciente with Dor Vardi from Samplead : EP-1

Technology has transformed B2B sales forever. In this podcast, Ciente discusses with Dor Vardi (CEO & Cofounder, Samplead)- the best ways to drive customer loyalty, AI’s role in modern sales, and data-driven strategies to create value in each interaction. Tune in now!

About the Guest:

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Dor Vardi
Founder & CEO, Samplead

Founder & CEO of Samplead – A generative AI sales agent that helps sales teams increase conversion, reignite dormant leads, and reach results they haven’t seen before.

Also founded Caricaturewall, bootstrapped and sold products to 400+ companies and generated $1M+ in sales using outbound only.

Former Special Forces commander with 5 years of experience in team leadership and project management.

LL.B&MBA @Reichman university. Honors program.

Passionate about sales development and GTM.