Inaccurate or irrelevant data can never lead to marketing success. You need enriched data with the power of Lead Enrichment tools to unlock a potential market.

A competitive business ecosystem demands data-driven marketing strategies so that campaign efforts are not in vain. Without data accuracy, the best campaigns fizzle and result in prolonged sales cycles. The recipe for successful strategies or targeted marketing campaigns is accurate lead data or enriched leads. Lead enrichment is all about creating detailed and updated profiles of prospects to help enterprises boost their ROI. 

In this article, we delve into the concept of lead enrichment, explore its offerings for the marketing team, and dig into some lead enrichment tools in vogue. 

Lead Enrichment defined

Lead enrichment is the process of adding all the relevant attributes to lead data that goes behind just basic contact details. The idea is to add additional information to lead data, like job title, company size, industry, social media profiles, historic buying patterns, and more. 

It is as simple an idea as to add as many details to a lead so that lead stage definition becomes crystal clear to the sales and marketing team. 

You can accomplish this data-gathering process by leveraging third-party data or lead-enrichment tools.

In a survey, 40.6 percent of respondents confirmed they could get better conversions with the help of one-to-one outreach. Addressing buyer challenges proved crucial for successful campaigns, say 37%.

How does Lead Enrichment benefit a business?

Amidst other advantages, the lead enrichment process predominantly helps marketers segment leads strategically and tailor their strategies accordingly. The other benefits include:

Data comprehensiveness

The lead enrichment mechanism helps in data comprehensiveness and enhances the quality of leads by adding the minutest details of prospects, like past-purchase behavior, company size, decision-making ability, and more. 

Bespoke marketing

Because you have a blueprint of the lead’s consumerism, you know how to strike the right chord in your marketing and sales process through personalization. An enriched leads database allows you to design personalized marketing campaigns and one-to-one outreach activities. 

Enhanced engagement

Personalization is a powerful tool, which when accompanied by lead nurturing, fosters enhanced lead engagement. 

Better lead conversion

Steps like accurate lead qualification, personalization, and nurturing help in improved lead conversion through shorter sales cycles. 

Leading Lead Enrichment tools worth your investment

Having discovered the advantages of lead enrichment, the next step is to explore the leading tools available in the market. Gauge the enlisted Lead enrichment tools to find the one that would elevate your marketing to the next level. 


Clearbit is renowned for its fast and reliable data enrichment through details like company information, technologies used, and social media contacts. Its top features include real-time data enrichment and segmentation ability. You can add this to your tech stack through three pricing options: Free, Business, and Powered by Clearbit, as per budget and requirements.  


It is popular for its accurate B2B email and phone number-finding capabilities, along with deep company and contact insights. The Cognism on-demand verified mobile data suite termed Diamond Data helps you find accurate contact details. Additionally, it is GDPR and CCPA-compliant and easily blends with your existing CRM.  


Focuses on personal data enrichment, finding social media profiles, and other online contact information for individuals. Its USP lies in offerings like Individual omnichannel identifiers, Advanced demographics filters, and improved customer segmentation. Optimize your investment by scheduling a sales call with them and selecting your package. 


ZoomInfo is a veteran in the field, providing comprehensive B2B contact and company data, ideal for large sales teams. It is a leader in churning US lead data and is used primarily for gathering US-based lead data. Its AI-driven capabilities help marketers uncover hidden patterns and trends to craft better marketing strategies. 


Demandbase is a popular tool that offers a user-friendly interface with many customization options. Its AI-powered Data Enrichment capabilities, coupled with seamless integration with Salesforce and CRM, make it a popular choice for marketers and salespersons. If you have a team that works round-the-clock, its 24*7 customer support makes troubleshooting easier. 

It provides a flexible option with customizable data enrichment options and integrations with popular CRMs and marketing platforms. It doesn’t offer a free version, however, in case of dissatisfactory results, it has a 100% Refund Guarantee policy. 


Leadfeeder helps you get details of your website visitors and uncovers deep insights about their website behavior. Some vital information like pages visited pages, downloaded content, dwell time, and more help you gauge leads better. Such attributes help you understand the bounce rate of your website per page, propelling you to fine-tune your content and services as per the audience. Its free version 

How would you choose the right tool for your business?

Once you address your pain point, let us say inaccurate lead data, you will be sure that investing in lead enrichment tools would be a viable solution. But it is natural to feel overwhelmed with so many options on the go. Here are three tips to help you choose the right fit for your enterprise:

1) Data sources

Examine the data sources and geography that a tool uses to enrich your lead data and see if this resonates with your expectations. 

2) Integration

Choose a tool that seamlessly integrates with your existing CRM, so that all relevant and updated data is easily accessible by all teams across the table. 

3) Budget

Most importantly, analyze your budget and see if a tool fits the bill and helps boost revenue rather than acting as a cost to the company. Some tools offer free trial versions, albeit for a limited duration, and these help you gauge what the paid versions would help you with. 

4) User-friendliness

Opt for tools that are easy to use and do not entail hours of training during operational hours. The tools must be self-explanatory and offer easy-to-interpret infographics for quick analysis and review. 

Wrapping it up

In an age where smart work pays off more than hard work, leveraging business intelligence tools as such is not a luxury anymore. Without vetted and accurate data, an organization’s resources would be wasting time and effort, going in circles. Loading the database with incorrect contact details, targeting prospects who do not have the power to make decisions, and lack of intent data only lengthen the sales cycle. Harnessing lead enrichment tools unlocks a goldmine of verified data, which can help you enhance engagement, personalization, and conversion rates. It is about time enterprises choose an optimal tool aligned with their sales goals, ensure it is not resting on their tech stacks, and capitalize on its potential to generate revenue. 


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