Hyper-connectivity and FOMO have got everybody hooked onto social platforms. Are businesses leveraging this untapped goldmine of potential leads?

With 2024 around the corner and the focus on maximizing demand generation, this is the optimum time to formulate and adopt new social media lead generation strategies for social media platforms. What worked in the previous or the current year might be redundant for the upcoming period. Keeping up with the social media trends means consistently fine-tuning the existing scheme to churn out better leads and engagements. 

In this article, we explore eight fool-proof strategies for 2024 that would help your brand get better prospects through social platforms. 

Before we delve into the strategies, here are some interesting Social Media Statistics all enterprises must know about: 

  1. Globally, over 4.59 billion people used social media platforms in 2022 to engage with brands. 
  2. On average, a person spends over 2.5 hours daily on these platforms, browsing videos or discovering brands and businesses. 
  3. For B2C marketing, Instagram offers the highest ROI for selling products (33%), followed by Facebook (25%), YouTube (18%), TikTok (12%), and Twitter (6%). LinkedIn ranks as the best platform for B2B Marketers, and 97% of companies trust its offerings as compared to other platforms. 


  1. Brands are predicted to spend massively on social media ads, to the tune of $207.1 billion, to attract prospects. 

Needless to say, these are some of the most thriving platforms for businesses to identify their audience or simply put, their leads. 

8 Reliable Tactics for Enhancing Social Media Lead Generation in the Coming Year

Optimize your handles

If your business has its presence across social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, or Twitter, optimize these pages with the correct details. From the perfect image dimension/resolution, website link, email address, or phone number, all details should be visible on your platforms. Experts recommend using a CTA on the bio like “click on website/call for a free consultation” for a quick engagement with the prospect.

Create a gated community

Gated content helps create a sense of exclusivity for your potential customers. Content that needs sign-up or limited-access webinars not only procures data for email marketing but also makes the prospect feel special and substantially increases your brand value.

Go live

Businesses often overlook a vital fact i.e., the human connection. Static ad campaigns do their job of attracting leads, sure. But going live during a webinar, launching a new service or product, or community events affirm consumer trust in the brand, and they are likely to engage with your brand more. Sharing your expertise after a thorough preparation, emphasizing the quality of products or services, or sharing about your latest ventures during a live event ensures your leads look up to you as a thought leader.

Launch referral programs

A referral program is a great strategy to incentivize your audience instead of word-of-mouth publicity or content sharing. Giving free access to educational content, free products or services, and discounts to users encourages them to create user-generated content that attracts better leads. Statistics reveal that user-generated content like comments, videos, and testimonials appear 2.4X more authentic to consumers.

Leverage the power of influencers

There is a profound reason why brands engage with influencers to promote their products or services in exchange for perks. Influencers have a strong social connection with a wide audience base that finds them relatable and trusts their user-generated content. 92% of consumers trust influencer marketing over traditional marketing, and this is precisely why businesses must leverage the power of influencers.

Incorporate chatbots

By incorporating chatbots and conversational AI mechanisms, brands can ensure sending a robust response to a potential lead round-the-clock. If your business targets globally-based leads, it is impossible for a round-the-clock response to a potential lead. AI-integrated chatbots can execute professional conversations around acknowledging, providing FAQs, generating sign-up forms, and understanding the customer’s pain points. 63% of consumers interact better with a brand with a chatbot integrated with their social media platforms.  

Harness the power of ads and later add personalization

Lead-generation ads on social media help elevate the social media advertising strategy to the next level. The leads can sign up on pre-populated forms on social media platforms, easing the sign-up process. LinkedIn lead generation forms have an average conversion rate as high as 13% and generate high-quality leads, affirm the ad campaign’s ROI, and help better management of the leads across the sales funnel. Other platforms like Facebook and Instagram also offer lead-generation ad features to gauge better leads. Through further research on buyer personas, analytics, and data-driven insights, brands can personalize offers to the target leads to help convert them into customers.

Generate lead magnets through offers

It is imperative to launch lucrative offers like free tools, consultation, discount codes, free-trial products, and services to attract the right audience to your brand. This strategy boosts sales prospecting to a great extent. 50% of marketers confess to having better conversion rates by leveraging lead magnets in their sales prospecting strategy.


As we wind up 2023, we have already witnessed how social media strategies evolved and led to newer mechanisms and pathways for 2024. Social platforms offer a hyper-connected network of prospects, and many enterprises are hitting the bull’s eye by following the right strategies aligned with their business goals. Optimizing pages, launching lucrative deals and gated content, harnessing influencer marketing, floating social media ads, and using the power of chatbots are pivotal to acing the lead generation game.

The key is to attract better leads, drive meaningful conversions, and forge stronger connections by adopting these fool-proof strategies discussed. Ultimately, it is the fusion of data-driven insights, compelling story-telling, and adoption of the above critical strategies that help brands achieve unparalleled growth and revenue along the way.


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