Humans have come a long way in technological advancement. But there is another side to this revolution that calls for our attention

The world as we see it today was quite different several decades ago. There was a time when possessing a television or listening to the radio was considered a luxury. Fast forward to the present generation, we are surrounded by digital miracles. Industries and businesses are always searching for the best software to obtain a cutting edge in the competitive market.

From data management to process automation and enhanced communication, all these innovations serve well in the business dynamics. While we are adopting various software and tools and building a connection with machines, maybe we are disconnecting from the rest of the world.

The Social Media Life

Like businesses, communicating with people these days has also transformed to a great extent. In contrast to older times when people would exchange letters and wait for days to hear back, we are living in a fast-paced world. All we need to do to reach out to connects across anywhere is to use an app and drop a text, or share a reel.

While this advancement is convenient, quick, and simple, there is another side to the coin. These days, our lives are wired differently. On social media, some people tend to show a curated version that can induce feelings of comparison and inadequacy. Such platforms may create an illusion of one’s life, disconnecting you from the real world. Accomplishments and quality of life may be judged by social media presence. How active are you on a specific channel? Did you share photos from your latest trip?  

What’s more — our in-person interactions are influenced by technology, where human relationships may be impacted. You can probably relate to this: when out with people, we do not hesitate to check messages or emails or capture the moment on our devices. As we embrace technology, we must remember the significance of striking a balance between the tech world and in-person interaction, which is more important now than ever.

If we do not nurture human relationships, we endanger our mental health. Social media, although beneficial, may become addictive and cause isolation.

Rising Mental Health Issues

Over the recent years, we have outdone our human existence by developing amazing innovations. The digital transformation has made the world tightly knit, where communication is just a click or a text away. But at the same time, it has also created a world where we feel distant and lonely. You can notice a change in the social and emotional connections. We may be interacting with several friends and family members on apps daily, but how often do we meet them in person? The concept of staying connected to people has been narrowed down to virtual modes.

Life has so much technology, but the downside is rising health issues. Studies indicate a link between excessive use of social media and mental health concerns like anxiety, depression, and sleep problems. While social media channels can connect people from any corner of the world, excessive indulgence can make you feel isolated and glued to screens. As we immerse in technology, it could cause technostress — a psychological response associated with an inability to cope with or feel overwhelmed with technologies.

Balance is The Key

Technology has undoubtedly introduced a stream of positive changes in our lives. However, it is crucial to acknowledge and address its impacts on our social circle. We should prioritize fostering robust connections in all aspects of our lives. We can begin by implementing simple steps like living in the present moment when interacting with others, putting away phones, and engaging in more face-to-face conversations.

We must deliver conscious efforts towards building and nurturing human interactions rather than solely relying on digital communication. We can also participate in community activities, volunteering, or social events. When we prioritize relationships and work towards connecting with others, it will be easier to create a balance between technology and socially-fulfilling life.

Final thoughts

The tech-savvy world is expanding at lightning speed. Although we have progressed technologically, we have also become socially distant. Tasks and processes are being automated, increasing productivity and quality of outputs. It is easy to get swept away in the fast-paced dynamics to such an extent that in-person connections decline. If we continue the tech or social addiction, our mental wellness is likely to suffer.

Given the digital transformation, we need to nurture social connections and develop meaningful relationships outside the pool of social media. Participate in group activities or events every chance you get. Organize awareness campaigns in your network on how technology and social media addiction can affect mental well-being. As we incorporate various software and digital tech in our lives, let’s remember to foster human connections.


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