Email marketing provides a direct channel to connect with potential customers. Are you aware of these top 10 email lead gen techniques that boost your ROI?

Email lead generation helps you collect leads through an email opt-in form. The opt-in form, often introduced with other value-providing content, accumulates information about potential customers, such as name and email address. Next, that information is stored in an email marketing database. Using the database, you can understand people from what segments are interested in your business and send messages or emails accordingly.

Email marketing can generate leads and nurture relationships with prospects by mailing them content that will convert them into paying customers.

Benefits of Email Lead Generation

Email marketing is a direct channel that lets brands and prospects connect personally. A well-thought strategy could land you your next client. Email marketing is an effective way to target leads, communicate clearly with potential customers, know their preferences, and ultimately, grow your customer base.

Many people claim that with the advent of other marketing channels, email marketing is lost. But that is far from the truth. 77% of marketers have seen an increase in email engagement over the last year. Not only were people more engaged with email, but email marketing had a significant impact on many companies’ bottom lines.

When done right, email marketing can help your business:

  • Grow brand awareness.
  • Build relationships with prospects.
  • Deliver value to prospects.
  • Convert prospects into loyal brand advocates.

Gaining Customers through Email Lead Generation

Here are the top 7 Best Practices:

Optimize efforts with lead scoring

A big chunk of marketing includes reaching out to the right people when they are most receptive to your offer. Lead scoring can be your aid in that as it helps you capture high-quality prospects.

Lead scoring helps you segment and prioritize your leads. It is a helpful technique for ensuring you get qualified leads most likely to accept your emails.

Email automation is a great way to use lead scoring in your marketing for scoring leads. For instance, if a potential consumer has already viewed a particular product on your website, it is more likely that you will be able to convert them with an email offering them a 25% discount on that product.

If the visitor is not already in your database, you can use this opportunity to get them to sign up by displaying an exit intent popup as they leave the product page.

Design clean and concise emails

When it comes to lead generation, the structure of your email should be your priority. It is crucial to have concise emails, and should not be overly long. A lot of extras in the design of the templates can distract the audience from your message.

Here are a few tips to follow when developing your emails:

  • Plain fonts: Your emails should not be flamboyant. They should be easy to read, so use plain fonts.
  • Simple Design: Choose a clean, simple template design that makes your emails easy on the eyes. Nowadays, people prefer subtle colors like pastel shades or anything that does not hurt the eyes.
  • Text Formatting: Use well-spaced, concise wording – do not keep stuff too much text or do not leave too much white space. Maintain a good balance between the two and highlight important information to make it easy for your subscribers to digest your email content.
  • Clear CTA: Your call-to-action button must be easy to notice and click on, particularly for readers on mobile devices.

Draw attention with your subject line

It is important that your subject line stands out and inspires curiosity or urgency to click. Write it in a way that either addresses their pain points, offers something they cannot miss, or something that induces curiosity.

It can make a massive difference to the success of your email campaign by boosting your email open rates, and your customer conversion rates.

For instance, if you started a tech blog with an email list of engaged contacts, you will want to focus on current tech news to connect with your audience. But, to go even further, you will want to leave a hint of curiosity to engage the subscribers.

Always include a strong CTA

Your CTA should be easy for readers to act on. To include a strong CTA in your emails, use creative language to attract your readers’ attention and encourage them to follow through.

The most effective CTAs are those with an element of urgency, excitement, or mystery. They are hard to ignore and prompt readers into action, helping you to improve your conversions.

Utilize content upgrades and gated content

Content upgrades and gated content allow you to use your most beneficial content in an email collection tool.

Gated content is accessible only after your visitors have provided their contact information or the other details that you have asked from them. You should always use gated content as a content upgrade to entice your readers to subscribe to your email list non-invasively.

This type of content is great because it incentivizes lead generation. Content upgrades are handy because they are contextual and appropriate. The reader’s curiosity is predetermined, making it more potential that they will convert.

Split test to boost open and click-through rates

Split testing your emails is crucial for optimizing your copy and your strategy. There is always some scope for improvement, and by testing the different versions of your emails, you can find the best-performing emails that improve your conversion rates.

For each email that you want to test, first decide on a metric you want to test. This could be any element, including the CTAs, subject line, body, images, or the structure of the email.

Once you’ve decided which components to test first, you can then use AB testing tools in your email marketing software to start running the test.

Provide valuable content

Rather than sending out random content for the sake of sending an email, provide valuable, targeted content that will keep your subscribers engaged.

Always prioritize value over everything else. To fulfill the valuable content needs of your subscribers, all you have to do is find your audience’s major pain points and create content around them.


Email is a fantastic tool for generating leads, gaining customers, and boosting your bottom line. But choosing the right methods over the easy ones is what matters when looking to generate leads.

Just remember the basics of creating a great email – an engaging subject line, concise body, and relevant images, and use the tactics mentioned above to make the most of your strategies.


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