Techtalk by Ciente with Udi Ledergor from Gong : EP-12

While other B2B companies often take themselves a little too seriously, Gong has managed to strike a refreshing balance between approachability and authority- emerging as a bold, quirky, and remarkable leader in the Rev Intelligence category. 

There are brands promising revolutionary tech solutions but failing to deliver tangible results. Join us on this podcast with Udi Ledergor (Chief Evangelist, Gong), where he highlights how Gong is the perfect fit for revenue teams (not only promising but also delivering personalization and scalability), the pivotal role of AI in sales communications, and how even as a SaaS brand- Gong built a raving fan base and busted all the myths about B2B marketing.

Tune in now.

About the Guest:


Udi Ledergor
Chief Evangelist at Gong

Udi Ledergor is a five-time Marketing leader at B2B start-ups and currently the Chief Evangelist at Gong. As Chief Evangelist, Udi oversees Gong’s market leadership through new product launches and thought leadership. On his journey from Marketer #1 to Gong’s Chief Marketing Officer, he led the creation of the revenue intelligence category, pioneered an iconic, human-centric brand, and led Gong’s Marketing efforts from zero to hundreds of millions in revenue.

Passionate about startups and brands during the day, whisky, music, and social activism at night, Udi is also an author, speaker, mentor, angel investor, board director, and advisor based in San Francisco.

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