Op-ed Interview with Meredith Metsker

Could you tell us more about your role at uConnect?

I’m the senior content marketing manager, which means I’m responsible for developing our content strategy and figuring out ways to drive more traffic to our website, LinkedIn page, podcast, and newsletter.

As a content team of one at the moment, I’m also responsible for most of the content creation. For example, I host and produce our biweekly podcast, and I do all of the video editing. Thankfully, we outsource the audio editing!

Do you think your journalism background makes you a better marketer?

Absolutely. My journalism training and newspaper experience have made me into the storyteller I am today. And great storytelling is the foundation of any good content strategy, in my opinion. Journalism taught me how to write well (and fast), how to interview anyone about anything, how to appear and present on-camera, how to research, how to be scrappy, how to zero in on the most compelling story, and so much more.

I always encourage marketing leaders to hire journalists, especially for content roles. You won’t find anyone better at telling compelling stories. (Which is only going to become a more valuable skill with the rise of AI)

Enlist the top content marketing trends this year in your expert opinion.

Truly compelling, interview-driven content will continue to be on trend, I think. As I noted above, with more and more companies using AI tools to create content (and that content being not particularly great or human-sounding), excellent story-driven content with input from subject matter experts will be a top trend. Valuable content delivered in a compelling way will always win.

While AI is certainly capable of a lot, it is not capable of human storytelling. And after all, isn’t that what we all respond to most?

How does content help brands generate high-value inbound leads?

It helps your audience more deeply understand the problem(s) they’re facing and what solutions are available to them. Ideally, your content should position your product as the best solution! In addition, great content can help your target audience get to know your product and your company better and keep you top-of-mind long before they decide to purchase.

And if you consistently publish high-value, high-quality content, you’ll build a ton of brand affinity that makes it easier for your audience to choose you over a competitor.

What’s your take on AI text generators?

I think they’re helpful in creating early drafts of content or helping to synthesize content, but I would never publish anything created by AI without heavy editing. I’ll use it as a starting point if I need it, but I don’t depend on it.

While I’m certainly not as fast as AI, my journalism training does mean I can write pretty quickly 😉

Why are content management tools a must in today’s fast-paced digital world?

When you’re producing content every week or month, from a variety of in-house and/or freelance sources, you have to have a central hub for all of that information. Not only does it help you keep track of what you’ve already done and what’s coming down the pipe, but it also allows you to collaborate with your teammates or other content creators

What are brands missing out on if they don’t invest in content marketing?

Brands will miss out on building long-term affinity and trust with their target audience. Paid ads can only get you so far, in my opinion. Great content, while often a slower, longer-term play, can build infinitely more trust in your brand and (hopefully) your product. Plus, content gives you an opportunity to interview SMEs in your target audience for articles, podcasts, newsletters, videos, etc., which means you get valuable face time with customers and/or prospects.

Why should marketers do a competitive content analysis?

It’s good to know what your competitors are doing in terms of marketing and content strategy. What’s working? What’s not working? What would you want to imitate? What gaps can you fill with your own content strategy? If you know what your competitors are doing, you can find ways to fill in gaps, differentiate your company, differentiate your brand identity, and create a niche for yourself.

How does uConnect work?

uConnect is a virtual career center platform used by career services teams at colleges and universities across the United States. It allows career services teams to put all of their career resources in one place where students can easily access it 24/7—making career services more equitable and accessible for all students. Career centers also use the uConnect platform to curate content for their students, by major or career interest, identity or affinity, and more. This provides a more streamlined, personalized experience for students as they use the resources to help build meaningful lives and careers.

What’s your favorite bit about working at uConnect?  

I love knowing that the product I’m helping to market is making a real, positive difference in the lives of millions of students all over the country. I went into journalism because I wanted to serve my community, tell interesting stories, and make a positive impact on the world. Working as a content marketer for uConnect is a natural extension of that passion.


Meredith Metsker, Senior Content Marketing Manager at uConnect

Meredith Metsker is the Senior Content Marketing Manager at uConnect, a small EdTech company based out of Boston. She works remotely from the small town of Berthoud, CO.

Meredith earned her bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Idaho in 2013 and worked as a newspaper reporter for several years before transitioning into content marketing.

As a content marketer, Meredith has worked for many different kinds of organizations, from an international tech startup to a labor data analytics company to a large public university. Despite being out of the newsroom for nearly a decade, Meredith still brings that scrappy journalistic work ethic to her content marketing. Her interviewing and writing styles, in particular, are still heavily influenced by her time in journalism.

Connect with Meredith on LinkedIn here.


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