You joined Omneky as the VP of Sales in February this year. How has the journey been so far?

  • Elisa: My time at Omneky has been exciting and a learning journey. I’ve had the opportunity to wear many hats in addition to leading sales and business development, including leading our growth marketing efforts and setting operational foundations for the company. One of the highlights has been getting to know the team and implementing new processes and strategies, which have resulted in improved structure and efficiencies. I am proud of the achievements and progress we have made thus far and bullish  about the future opportunities ahead.

To what extent do you think tech is changing the dynamics between sales and marketing?

  • Elisa: Technology advancements have transformed sales and marketing roles and Generative AI is the newest technology evolution. We’re seeing AI-powered tools assist marketers quickly develop content for websites, create more tailored ads and have 24/7 customer service with AI assistant chat bots. For sales leaders AI tools are assisting with analyzing sales pipeline, activities and forecasts. It’s an exciting time for marketing and sales teams to leverage new technologies. 

Could you enlist some of the pain points Omneky has been solving for its customers?

  • Elisa: We’re solving three main pain points for marketers.
    • One is generating high-quality content quickly. With audience targeting becoming more restrictive, creative is the number one lever for distribution and personalized audience experiences. Omneky generates ad creative content at scale.
    • Second is providing creative insights. With more creative assets through Omneky’s generation tools, marketers can execute rapid A/B testing and gain insights into what elements of the ad creative are performing best. 
    • Finally, Omneky plugs into the ad platforms helping marketers scale creative distribution. There are more new platforms emerging than ever before and Omneky helps marketers to follow their customer with personalized message across platforms  

Why is creative orchestration crucial for revenue growth?

  • Elisa: Engaging customers in meaningful and memorable ways is critical for revenue growth. Creative orchestration allows businesses to create personalized and differentiated experiences that resonate with customers and fosters engagement and action. We also know that the consumer’s attention span is getting shorter and consumer trends change quickly. Rapid generation of creative enables marketers to expand their footprint across channels and stay relevant with personalized creative and messaging.  

What’s your take on AI-powered marketing?

  • Elisa: AI will and already has evolved marketing. The next computing platform offers unprecedented capabilities for data analysis, personalization, and autonomous generation and automation. Building tools and solutions responsibly, with the care of the consumer in mind, has the power to bring joy, increased awareness, and connect consumers to brands they love. 

How is Omneky transforming the advertising landscape?

  • Elisa: Omneky is focused on helping marketers solve their biggest challenges by generating personalized ad creative rapidly. Omneky reduces time to value, by gaining insights into why an ad is performing to make data driven decisions into creative messaging and by scaling distribution across channels to reach brands’ customers where they are. Omneky is building an autonomous AI generation platform that will empower creativity at scale. 

Why should AI be an intrinsic element in designing ads?

  • Elisa: In addition to personalization, AI helps to drive efficiencies, creativity and scale. AI can and will automate various aspects of design, and scale it quickly with different variations of messaging and visuals, increasing time to value. Omneky’s tools support human creativity in ad designs and development by generating new ideas, visual concepts, and lots of copy in seconds. 

What do you enjoy the most about the culture at Omneky?

  • Elisa: In my short time at Omneky I’ve found that everyone is excited about the vision and aim to help our customers and the industry succeed. The team members take ownership, are biased for action, and think big. I’m excited to carry over work I was involved with at Google with Women@Google, advocating for the advancement of women in tech. 

You worked at Google for over 17 years. Could you share some key lessons that would benefit sales leaders globally?  

  • A few lessons I’ve learned are:
    • Be resilient – navigating ambiguity in the market, with a project or with a customer’s needs can be complex, however if you have a resilient mindset, you will find a path.
    • Your career isn’t linear – take a career opportunity you think is exciting, nurture your relationships and find your tribe, and keep learning. 
    • Respect the user, the opportunity and each other – When serving your customers, developing products, and creating high-performing teams, be principled and respectful in your approach, hypotheses and decision making.  
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Elisa Phillips, VP, Sales at Omneky

Elisa Phillips is an experienced business leader in digital media, advertising, and emerging technology platforms. She’s spent much of her career at Google in the US and Europe, and built businesses with early stage products and ad platforms including Search, Video, App Ads using new Machine Learning technologies, and Immersive Ad experiences, to name a few. After Google, Elisa joined DoorDash, the leading delivery platform, as Director of Enterprise Ad Sales and led a team to drive triple digit revenue growth and product adoption for Doordash’s advertising and promotional business. Elisa is now Vice President of Sales at Omneky, an innovator and leader in Generative AI which creates AI-powered personalized ads and content at scale. She is responsible for Sales, Business Development and Growth Marketing. Elisa is driven to make a lasting impact that contributes to innovation and sustainable business growth


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