Coca-Cola has used generative AI to create a new campaign- Masterpiece. And yes, it has been a roaring success.

Stirring up the Internet, in a recent campaign showcasing the work of some timeless artists, Coca-Cola shows the inspiration flowing from one painting to another- in the form of a Coke bottle. The ad is culturally diverse and demonstrates an eclectic mix of artwork. 

Featuring the canvases of artists like Andy Warhol, Edvard Munch, J. Vermeer, and more, the advertisement shows how Coca-Cola creates magic in the mundane. 

image 3

The ad creates a successful hook from the beginning- keeping the viewers’ attention and engaging them as it moves from one artwork to another. 

It starts with an art student sitting and slumping. While everyone around him is up and working, this student feels uninspired and dead beat. One painting decides to give him refreshment and then begins the process of handing him a bottle of Coke. He takes a sip and designs art that the teacher immediately approves and takes a liking to.

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Coca-Cola has been excellent at marketing for decades now. From 1971, I’d Like to Buy the World a Coke to 1995, Holidays are Coming, to Create Real Magic (Present), its campaigns have never failed to take the world by storm.

With consumers across the globe drinking about 2 billion servings of the company every day, Coca-Cola is a marketing genius that knows how to use the power of creativity to drive demand generation. After 130 years, the company changed its typeface in 2018- TCCC Unity. Inspired by American modernism, the new typeface aligns better with the company name. 

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The Editor’s Note

It’s high time B2B marketing drew some insights from such beautiful marketing done by B2C brands at scale. Coca-Cola has always conveyed how it makes ordinary moments special with its campaigns. Though B2B marketing works by leveraging different levers, marketing’s premise has always been to make the customer happy and satisfied.


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