Meeting customer expectations is necessary to accelerate growth. How can marketers use identity resolution software to understand and reach customers?

Let us understand it through an example: your target customer could be interacting with your brand using different platforms and devices. They could find you through their laptop, and follow up with your brand updates through their phones or tablets. They may read your newsletter, engage with you on social media, and purchase from your website.

An identity resolution software links all of these interactions to the real person who’s engaging.It links these separate interactions to a single person so you can get a more comprehensive view of their engagement with your brand—and create more personalized experiences. But it doesn’t stop at the device or the person identifier. True identity resolution goes beyond device recognition. It understands the person in real-time – in the moments that matter to them so you can better know about their choices. So, you can achieve a unified and in-depth customer view.

Advantages of Identity Solution Software

The importance of identity resolution is growing due to growing consumer concerns about data privacy. In response, governments are implementing laws like GDPR and CCPA to protect and regulate marketers’ use of consumer data. GDPR and CCPA offer a significant opportunity for marketers to prioritize privacy and data security, and the tech industry is responding accordingly.

With tech giants such as Apple and Google announcing the phase-out or deprecation of common identifiers, marketers are now working to understand what cookieless advertising will entail. Soon, we will no longer be able to rely on identifiers like third-party cookies or mobile ad IDs (MAIDs), such as Apple’s Identifier for Advertisers (IDFA) and Google’s Google Advertising ID (AAID).

Many brands have relied heavily on these identifiers to pinpoint, understand, and reach their customers. As these identifiers disappear, brands without a backup plan are losing visibility into customer interactions and the ability to effectively reach these customers with their messaging. In response, some brands are shifting back to less effective contextual advertising. However, targeted and personalized marketing is still achievable with a strong first-party data strategy and a privacy-focused identity resolution solution.

Top 10 Identity Resolution Software

Zeta CDP+

Zeta CDP+ is an innovative marketing solution that centralizes first-party customer data, maintaining data integrity while activating it for real-time market use. The primary function of the software is to gather and analyze customer trends and behaviors, intending to align marketing strategies and achieve improved decision-making.

Fundamental features of the product include real-time data processing, scalability, and aid for integration. Zeta CDP+ delivers a unified, actionable view of customers, ensuring a single source of truth. It also puts marketing execution to the forefront, instantly linking its insightful capabilities to its engagement system.

In addition, the system’s design allows for flexible growth, expanding existing tech stacks and supplying a modern marketing infrastructure. This capacity positions Zeta CDP+ as a premium solution for businesses wanting to grow their identity resolution capabilities and incorporate proprietary datasets.

Zeta CDP+ offers multiple benefits beyond the rudimentary customer data management, including top-line profitable growth and the ability to strengthen existing technology. Its data analysis capabilities centralize enterprise insights and enable businesses to learn and grow. The tool is ideal for organizations seeking to improve consumer experiences, enhance digital growth, and drive brand awareness.

Vericast Consumer Graph

Vericast Consumer Graph is a client onboarding solution developed to improve customer engagement through an exhaustive understanding of consumer behavior. It allows businesses to use their current customer lists to reach larger audiences across various channels, enhancing campaign engagement.

The top characteristics of Vericast Consumer Graph include delivering the ability to carry out niche-based campaigns crafted distinctly for a specific customer group. It can also pinpoint look-alike audiences that mirror existing customers’ behaviors. Vericast offers a systematic way to upload a customer list to a secure server, check information for targeting, and use look-alike modeling to specify top prospects.

Vericast Consumer Graph delivers industry-leading identity resolution, offering a comprehensive view of customers and prospects through precise intelligence. With its private data on consumer interests, purchase intent, and location activity, businesses can enrich their targeting and consumer engagement strategies.

Vericast Consumer Graph is an adaptable tool for upgrading customer engagement and growing the prospect pool. With an above-average match rate, unparalleled targeting capabilities, and measurable results, it is a robust solution for businesses looking to optimize their marketing efforts and drive customer engagement.

Treasure Data

Treasure Data’s Customer Data Cloud is an AI-powered Customer Data Platform (CDP) that optimizes customer experiences, ensuring data adherence and strengthening security. The solution vests businesses with a more personalized and efficient way to interact with their clients.

The system is designed around AI algorithms that foresee and anticipate consumer behavior. This enables businesses to create and run targeted campaigns and experiences. Treasure Data provides contemporaneous insights that can be accessed across the enterprise, promoting team and technology utilization. Additionally, Treasure Data helps reduce costs and improve operational efficiency.

A unique feature of Treasure Data’s platform is its rugged approach to data adherence and security. Unlike other CDPs, it ensures data protection and regulatory compliance irrespective of the region. It is an unmistakable benefit for global brands operating in multiple territories. The solution also connects the entire enterprise, with every department accessing the same analyzed data for coordinated action.

Treasure Data’s Customer Data Cloud offers an effective and secure solution for managing customer experiences across diverse touchpoints. It delivers personalized customer relations based on intelligent prediction, ensures data security and compliance, and improves operational efficiency across the entire business.


Tealium is a first-party data collection solution that prioritizes privacy and consent, essential for establishing customer trust. It enables businesses to create a privacy-focused data foundation with operational efficiency, ensuring compliance with global regulatory standards.

The top features of Tealium include consent management, enterprise security, and reduced integration time. The solution provides mechanisms for organizations to respect customer choice and adhere to their preferences. Additionally, it offers tools for managing sensitive customer data, thus reducing long-term business risks.

Tealium utilizes a tag management system to effectively collect first-party data, which eliminates the need for third-party data strategies. It also upholds high-security standards to protect customer data, ensuring compliance with regulations such as HIPAA and GDPR, as well as standards like ISO 27001.

Tealium is a reliable tool for businesses looking to streamline data operations and adopt a data-layer approach to data collection, all while adhering to privacy-centric standards. It also helps to reduce overall integration time and ETL requirements, resulting in a quick time-to-value ratio with new systems. This distinctive approach to data collection provides significant value for businesses while upholding customer trust and regulatory compliance.


LiveRamp Identity Resolution is a state-of-the-art system that encourages the collection of customer data from various sources to create complete customer profiles. The solution aids in settling challenges associated with segmented data by bringing together identity-centric information for marketing and analytics teams.

The system has vital capabilities like improving access, ingesting data, and unifying first-party data strategies. It securely reconciles data from any source and aggregates data for enhanced analytics while maintaining control over customer identity processes. It also allows for resolving data to the user or household level for specific and personalized insights.

Additionally, the system can connect data to a first-party identity graph efficiently, enriching datasets and improving data translation between existing systems. Users can leverage first-party data to create and reach high-value audiences across different platforms, enhancing performance in and outside walled gardens.

LiveRamp Identity Resolution offers a powerful combination of data unification, user profiling, and personalization features in a privacy-focused setting. It not only assists in managing and enhancing customer identity but also guarantees compliance with key privacy laws to help you stay on the right side of regulations. Developers can benefit from using identity APIs to seamlessly integrate with new or existing products, customizing services to meet their business requirements.


FullContact is a company that helps businesses identify and understand their customers across different platforms without compromising privacy and security. They offer real-time identity resolution to map customer data to real individuals, create consistent experiences, and comply with privacy regulations. FullContact also provides a privacy-safe PersonID for each identified person to track and optimize marketing campaigns effectively. Businesses can retain data control and access an extensive identity graph without revealing sensitive customer data.

Additionally, FullContact offers accurate consumer authentication, model optimization, fraud detection, and customer insights. Overall, FullContact provides a comprehensive solution for businesses to efficiently resolve customer identities, personalize experiences, measure campaign effectiveness, and maintain data security while adhering to privacy regulations.

Experian Identity Resolution

Experian’s Identity Resolution Solutions provide a comprehensive approach to creating complete customer profiles. These tools help you gain better insight into your customers by bringing together digital markers from various interaction points and devices.

At the heart of Experian’s offerings are two main functions. First, graphs connect different digital devices, such as phones and laptops, to unique digital IDs. It gives marketers a detailed view of their audiences and enables precise campaign delivery. Second, the platform enables the connection of different identifiers to a single Experian ID, allowing for a more comprehensive understanding of consumer behaviors across various activities and channels.

Experian’s service provides several additional benefits. They offer identity resolution, which aims to enhance your understanding of consumers and build stronger connections. It is accomplished by consolidating fragmented data into unified customer profiles and creating persistent IDs, providing a comprehensive view of the customer journey. In addition, they offer advanced analytics services for deeper consumer insights and more effective marketing strategies.

Experian’s Identity Resolution Solution transforms disparate customer data into detailed profiles, giving marketers more reliable, actionable insights. It leads to a better understanding of consumer behavior, increased accuracy in targeted marketing, and an overall improvement in campaign effectiveness.

Amperity AmpID

Amperity’s AmpID is an AI-powered solution that effectively resolves customer identities, providing brands with accurate individual and household profiles. The comprehensive software handles fragmented customer identities, creating a stable and reliable identity foundation.

AmpID uses AI/ML technology to systematically resolve customer identifiers, despite data inconsistencies. This enables brands to create precise individual identities and household graphs that remain consistent across various platforms and changes in customer information. The system eliminates manual rule writing, allowing identity data to be incorporated at any time, thereby improving user data tracking and flexibility.

The AmpID platform offers several key features. These include configurable merge rules that improve profile accuracy, customizable householding to uncover complex relationships, and transparent merging of data to maintain trust in large and complex datasets. Additionally, the platform allows for data enrichment by injecting third-party data or user’s data science models that integrate with pre-built pipelines.

AmpID provides an efficient system for resolving customer identities with AI, creating accurate profiles, and enhancing data confidence. It offers businesses a stable and reliable identity platform that understands and maintains user identities, leading to improved personalized customer interaction and overall user experience.

Adstra Conexa

Adstra Conexa is an identity management solution that provides brands with data optimization behind their firewall. The platform offers robust data operations management to help reduce costs and risks associated with intermediaries.

With Adstra Conexa, organizations can create an Identity Spine to achieve more unified, personalized, and measurable data across various channels. The system promotes transparency and configurability, allowing users to design and determine the level of match confidence that best suits their needs via its cloud-based identity graph. Additionally, Conexa provides the capability to interact with multiple types of identities across various channels, making it a versatile solution.

Adstra Conexa offers a solution that provides value-based economics. Unlike traditional models that charge based on usage, Adstra uses a predictable SaaS model, allowing full-scale application of data assets without the risk of penalties for extensive use. It also offers capabilities such as data hygiene, profile management, anonymous visitor ID, and media campaign measurement to enhance overall functionality.

The platform keeps brands in control of their data, facilitating seamless data operation, identity resolution, and data aggregation. With transparent, flexible, and cross-channel functionalities, along with its predictable pricing model, Adstra Conexa is a user-friendly and cost-effective solution for managing and using data.

Acxiom Real Identity

Acxiom Real Identity is an enterprise identity solution that uses a combination of diverse first-party data to provide a comprehensive, 360-degree view of customers. It seamlessly integrates offline and digital touchpoints, allowing brands to consistently recognize and understand their customers across multiple platforms.

The platform offers a variety of technical features designed to improve the relationship between the brand and the customer. Key capabilities of Acxiom Real Identity include making real-time decisions for personalized messaging, unifying customer identities through a first-party, private identity graph, and providing data quality services to eliminate duplicates and ensure accurate engagement. It also helps maintain consistency in the customer journey by delivering relevant and timely experiences across different channels.

Acxiom Real Identity can configure specific recognition rules and global identifiers. It enables companies to reduce workloads by providing continuity between all digital and known channels.

Acxiom Real Identity is a robust, scalable solution that enhances customer experiences and strengthens brand relationships. Its integrated approach to managing identity data across an entire business enterprise sets the foundation for a comprehensive customer intelligence platform.

The Bottom Line

Today, getting in touch with your ideal customer at the time when they are most receptive is challenging given the distractions and the competition. Your customers make most of their decisions before even getting in touch with your sales reps. They have almost every piece of information about your business – from your mission statement to your product listings, and you can turn this very insight into an advantage for your sales and marketing teams. Using identity resolution software, you can get an idea about what customers are interested in – their likes, the webpage gaining the most organic traction, the most searched product or service, and so on. Leveraging this invaluable information, you can convert and close deals faster.


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