“Your brand shouldn’t have to be a competing priority for your demand gen partner; it should be the only priority.”

With demand-gen marketers grappling with economic turmoil, it’s safe to say the challenges marketing faces this year look different. Your channel partners must be adept at branding (not just demand gen) to know your brand, how it speaks to its audience, and why they should remember it.


Start with creating a plan, including all your channel partners, to ensure they don’t dilute the marketing you do. Remember, they’re doing it not just for your brand but also for other companies that encompass your competitors too. All customer journeys are not similar, and your brand needs a tailored approach.

For instance, at Ciente, we ensure that one team only works for a partner at a given time. A plan like this establishes the authenticity of the marketing plans for our clients.

Transparent Communication

Open, honest communication is key to a successful partnership. Create partner programs that help both teams to work on feedback with agility and pave the way for aligned goals and messaging.

No one can deny the significance of how crucial it is to get buy-in from stakeholders for channel partners. If your channel partner can help you translate this value for the internal ecosystem, it’d make it easier for you to score better investments in the future.

Shared Experiences

Your partner shouldn’t act as a vendor; but as an extension of your brand. Shared wins can help you and your channel partner form a real relationship, achieving success and innovation cost-effectively.

Like any partnership, mutual wins would help market to your customers with the combined power of two brands.

In the end

With limited budget, time, and resources, there’s only much you can do alone. Your channel partners should be as excited for your success as your team, helping you better sense how your product and technologies fit in the customer’s life.


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