We need technology to work for creativity, not against it.“

Intersection of Creativity and Technology

The debate of Creativity vs Technology has been going on for a while. But what we need to get straight is it’s not a competition. It’s not another either/or situation where we have to choose one. In today’s world, creativity and technology work together, as it should.

Critics argue technology has made everything kind of the same. It’s as if the world and our work lives are all a how-to template. You go through your social accounts, and it all looks jarringly similar. What can bring a breath of fresh air?

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Technology and creativity are now more intertwined than ever, and it’s at the intersection of the two- magic happens. Creativity helps you unlock these new ideas that can be potentially disruptive; technology takes care of the execution. Human minds create abstract ideas; technology deconstructs those so we can finally decipher them.

Supporters argue technology will replace humans. But no technology (no matter how sophisticated) can mimic human creativity and its genius.

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Undoubtedly, a lot depends on standardization and routine work. AI can take care of that, while humans can have their creative juices flowing and do what they do best, leaving the rest to the machines.

Utilizing the full breadth of our tech stacks paves the way for more creative opportunities. Technology has empowered us with the capabilities to create more and share more. A great idea can reach millions so quickly that it was inconceivable a few decades back.

Without technology, businesses can’t make sense of the colossal quantities of data they keep amassing. Without creativity, they can’t create change. It’s worthwhile pondering here how technology facilitates an idea; it’s not the idea itself. It allows all new concepts to come together in one place, building on it and leading to a more focused execution of the whole process.

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The Editor’s Note

With technology come monotony and sameness. Data shouldn’t be the only thing leading your efforts; it should be informing your decisions.

Create an atmosphere where you don’t consider tech and creativity as two competing forces but as complementing assets that intersect and achieve impressive results much faster.


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