Humans weren’t built for the hyperconnected, always-on culture we live in today.

The tech-addled world has gotten most of us spending our days distracted- making it impossible to pay undivided attention to any task at hand. And your customers aren’t any different.

With almost every aspect of our lives shifting online, it feels like it’s time for a break. In the tech space, most people are excited to get back to in-person events and tradeshows to form meaningful connections in ways humans have always known, not just digitally. Aren’t we all tired of this hyper-connected world that keeps pulling us in all possible directions?

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How it impacts the customer

There is increased access to information and convenient communications, but it hasn’t improved the quality of our lives as previously anticipated. Such deluge often results in frustration, indecision, anxiety, and dwindling attention.

The Internet is now the constant overhang that pervades our lives in more ways than we realize. There’s a massive disconnect that no one wants to address, and yes, it has enormous repercussions on customer behavior.

Customers feel inundated with digital experiences that all look like the same version of the same thing. Marketers must create at an elite level to give their audience something refreshing to look at because your audience has tuned out the mediocre stuff.

Companies that manage to address the feelings of tech overwhelm in their customers and minimize friction would enjoy higher revenue growth than their counterparts that don’t.

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Too much screen time

Massive volumes wouldn’t help your marketing game anymore. Keeping your customer engaged is the only way forward. Now it’s not about keeping them glued to their screens but more about finding creative ways to engage them without worsening the digital fatigue.

Marketers need to give a human touch to customer interactions. Sending irrelevant marketing messages at the wrong time is a surefire way to drive your customers away.

The modern sales and marketing imperative is to turn customer interactions into conversations that matter. Marketers have amassed large volumes of data but fail to personalize it and make it relevant to their target market. Customers, on the other hand, are tired of marketing messages that all talk about the same thing.

It’s time to stop vying for your customers’ attention how everyone else is; be more human. Now this might sound counter-intuitive, but marketers need to step away from the screen for a bit and find out-of-the-box ways to communicate with their audience and create truly engaging experiences.

We can’t be innovative with our marketing if we are in a rut; the same way of doing things and hoping for different results.

The Editor’s Note

Your customers’ experiences with digital technologies shifted during the pandemic, and the spike of it is making it change again. It’s not about being atavistic but about being more human. People’s desires to digitally disconnect are increasing; make sure it’s not your brand they feel a need to disconnect from!

Don’t design lacklustre digital experiences; design for joy.


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