How is Cadbury 5 Star staying relevant to the times by promoting “Do Nothing”?

Would you enroll yourself in a university that teaches you to do nothing?

Well, yes, you heard that right!

Where AI is mastering every task, there is one thing only humans need to focus on – doing nothing. In these times, where the hustle culture is prevalent and slowing down is often seen as a setback, doing nothing could help.

And Cadbury 5 Star is making that happen for us. With yet another witty, humorous, and thought-provoking ad, Cadbury 5 Star is here to get you enrolled in the “Do Nothing University,” a place where you are taught to do nothing.

The brand aims to welcome AI instead of fearing it, in line with its tagline, “Eat 5-star, do nothing.” The microsite hosts interactive video sessions for participants to learn the art of doing nothing. Corporate-employee-turned-comedians Atul Khatri and Rahul Subramanian teach the modules, which help people enjoy doing nothing while preparing for an AI-powered future workspace.



The Art of Doing Nothing

The ad begins with a person browsing the library shelves, eyes narrowed in determination to upskill himself with the latest hotshot qualifications. But on the TV in front of him, the news blares: “AI Masters Every Task!” With each book he picks up – coding, data analysis, even underwater basket weaving – the robotic newscaster smirks, “AI Aced it Already!” Just as despair sets in, a soothing voice cuts through the tension: “Feeling overwhelmed by the ever-evolving skillset of our new robot overlords?” The camera pans to a chocolate bar on the desk, its wrapper whispering, “There’s one skill AI will never master…” (No points for guessing which chocolate that would be!).

This segues perfectly into the introduction of 5 Star’s Do Nothing University. It lets you forget the stress of keeping up with the AIs! Here, you can finally master the art of relaxation with quirky courses like Advanced Nap Techniques, The Art of Strategic Cloud Watching, and the ever-popular Professional Daydreaming 101. Unlike traditional universities burdened by debt, Do Nothing University offers the ultimate perk – a Certified Do-Nothing Professional diploma – perfect for hanging on your fridge because who needs a real job anymore?

5 Star – A Marketing Genius

Keeping the humor aside and focusing on the marketing goals, Cadbury 5 Star’s Do Nothing University campaign was an intelligent and innovative way to promote their brand by playing on the idea of relaxation in a world increasingly dominated by AI. This is why it worked:

  • Reinforcing their brand identity: 5 Star has a long-standing association with “doing nothing.” This campaign solidified that image.
  • Creating a buzz: The quirky concept of a “Do Nothing University” generated a lot of online interest and conversation. Not to forget they also partnered with internet sensations like Atul Khatri and Rahul Subramanian.
  • Engaging consumers: People could participate in online courses and get “certified” in doing nothing, creating a fun interactive experience.
  • Capitalizing on the latest trends: AI has become integral for brands across diverse categories worldwide, except for a few exceptions (in this case, chocolates). In this clever move, 5 Star utilized AI to promote its brand tagline effectively by subtly integrating it into its marketing strategy.

If this tickled you, you definitely should enroll at (because apparently, even clicking a link requires too much effort these days) and join the over 3 lakh students who’ve welcomed the future of chilling. In a world run by robots, the only skill that truly matters is the ability to, well, not do anything at all.

So, grab a 5 Star, settle in, and get ready to become a certified master of doing absolutely nothing! 


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